What is identity access management and why do you need it?

Learn how IDAM systems make it easy to implement user controls and protect your data and systems.

Keeping your systems secure means restricted access to authorised users. Of course, user permissions and authorisations can change on a regular basis, which means you need an Identity and Access Management system that works for your business. No matter what structure your company is built on or where your teams are located, we provide effective identity access management systems to make user authorisation simple and straightforward.

Your staff and subcontractors likely use a range of different platforms, software, and systems on a daily basis. Implementing separate user management protocols for individual packages is unnecessarily time-consuming. By using a single, centralised identity and access management (IDAM) system, however, companywide user controls can be implemented and updated in seconds.

Protecting Your Systems and Data

As more businesses explore remote working setups, the need for effective IDAM systems continues to grow. Today’s companies don’t simply require on-site user authentication; they need remote authentication protocols. Furthermore, these authentication and authorisation processes must be as robust as location-based user controls.

Fortunately, we make it easy to incorporate remote IDAM systems into your company’s infrastructure. Working through four key elements of the IDAM philosophy (authentication, authorisation, user management, central user repository), we ensure that managing access to your systems and data is easier than ever.

For companies, data is a valuable resource and one which needs to be protected at all costs. To find out how our Identity and Access Management systems facilitate top-level user controls, authentication and authorisation, contact Gemraj Technologies now on 0800 051 7679.

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