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Digital forensics is a specialist field that focuses on the investigation and recovery of digital material. If you’ve ever lost a Word document or had an entire database disappear, a digital forensic investigation and recovery process could be used to find and re-establish your work. Of course, digital forensics is a little more complex than recovering documents or even finding lost databases.

In some cases, digital material is lost through human error. When a member of staff deletes files and folders, for example, recovery methods may be needed to restore the data. Alternatively, materials can be lost due to systems and hardware failures. If a physical threat demolishes a data centre, for example, companies without effective backup measures will need forensic services to try and access the material they’ve lost.

In addition to this, digital material can be secreted in systems, on platforms and amongst a seemingly endless amount of data by someone who wants to keep it hidden. If so, advanced digital forensic services can be used to identify, access and recover this material.

When Do You Need Digital Forensics Services?

Although digital forensics are routinely used to facilitate criminal investigations, they’re regularly used by businesses too. If your company has faced an online security threat, for example, digital forensics can be utilised to learn more about the threat and to prevent a similar security issue arising again. Alternatively, companies may rely on digital forensic services when they suspect they are the victims of intellectual property theft or when employee disputes arise.

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