5 Changes in Tech That Will Change Your Life

5 Changes in Tech That Will Change Your Life


oday, the internet holds more information than any library in the world. The internet is now the transmission point for information, be it natural disasters or human rights violations. The leadership of the internet is not a nation, it is not a profit center... but it sure does hold more information than our own libraries.

Here are 5 changes that will transform how we live forever:
  1. Cloud Computing - This technology will change the way we compute our data. Instead of handling our own servers and software internally, we will utilize shared resources from a network of others in the cloud. We will get flexibility and ease of mind not to mention a new realm of service from our data centers.
  2. Robotics - Shop floor operators are increasingly using robots to perform repetitive tasks. Today's robotic palletizing and palletizing companies use robots to load and deposit pallets at warehouses that both improve their productivity and reduce their operational costs. Robotics can enable the necessary task that is repetitive and faster than human workers.
  3. 3D Printing Everyday companies are 3D printing more parts of their products. What used to be done entirely by hand, or even by child's play-acting as Santa, are becoming more realistic for today when feasible. With machines capable of producing innovative products, we may as well be embracing the new technology.
  4. DNA Computing - We are close to the point where the software and technology will be able to analyze our DNA. This means that we will be able to better diagnose and perhaps even prevent diseases. Genome sequencing could also prove to be a much cheaper method of testing for both genetic and pathogenic diseases compared to current Genetic testing.
  5. Energy - With peak oil approaching as well as renewable and alternative energy is becoming increasingly popular, we have much less reason to disable our natural ecosystems. Naturalists and scientists have long been working on restoring and refurbishing the ecosystem of natural parks around the world. By reconnecting to the grid and actively eradicating nature's pests and diseases, we can strengthen and improve our collective body of knowledge. Hand in hand, have a positive role in the environment.

There are many examples of this approach within the medical community. Recently, the oil and chemical industry has been working with scientists to contain the spread of cancer through the use of nanotechnology in the fight against cancer. This same technology may soon be used to deliver information and create new materials as well as systems that repair and replace their outdated but cheaper counterparts.

In Summary:

There is no better time than the present to embrace this new technology to enable companies to achieve greater heights.

Once again, for those who do not have the skills necessary, there are learning opportunities within companies that are there in case you need a helping hand. But for the rest of us, we must continue to be diligent and take our time with this approach in mastering this technology.

The rest of us will continue to allow the companies who will dedicate their time to this area of advancement, whether it is in the discovery of new forms of energy, the study of diseases, or the development of products and devices that will make our lives more convenient.

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