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How GTL enabled digital transformation for a leading housing company


he global pandemic has accelerated companies to turning digital, 44% of businesses have already or plan to speed up digital transformation. Even before the pandemic, technology was becoming an increasingly important part of the workforce with the global technology market spending increasing by 18.5% from 2015 to 2019. Companies viewed technology as a valuable way to interact with customers, provide flexibility in the workplace, and implement automation and acceleration processes. However, the spread of the coronavirus has accelerated this adoption significantly as 76% of businesses plan on long-term IT changes. It has led companies to seek creative digital solutions to continue to work remotely and serve their customers.

A leading UK housing company aimed to offer semi-independent housing for youngsters to enable them to progress towards independent living when they become legal adults. The company works with the youth who are taken care of by the local authorities and are willing to move out of their foster homes or shelter placements. Moreover, the company supports young people who recently arrived in the country seeking asylum.

To accomplish the goals, the company partnered with GTL. GTL put together a multi-disciplinary team to work with the company’s management to put a digital transformation strategy and program in motion, with significant requirements being:

Website Development

A 2020 report showed that, on average, 69% of website content is overlooked by visitors. Therefore, utilising a more user-friendly website brings with it more efficient information handover.

Developed bespoke software solutions

Another research report found that 68% of consumers say that they have much higher expectations for businesses’ digital capabilities in the wake of COVID-19. To keep with consumer expectations, GTL strategised new software solutions. The housing company maintained the entire work on paper, including keeping appointments daily in a diary and logs on paper. The difference in handwriting and improper paperwork made the procedure notably chaotic and exigent for staff to pick up tasks. Therefore, GTL decided to include these logs in the system by creating a back-end CRM.

Implemented software requirements to manage multiple properties, which includes invoicing

Overhauled financial processes and operational process to manage all the information of people living in the quarters

It’s predicted that eCommerce will account for 75% of all digital commerce sales by 2023, Therefore it is in a business’s best interest to invest in the change from an early point. GTL gradually encouraged every unit to upload the logs online, facilitating to keep track of the bookings. To ensure everyone comprehends the swift shift to digital recording, GTL provided 24x7 tech support- both video and online support. The company, additionally, integrated a document section on the system to track the appointments. The system is constructed in a manner to monitor the financial and operational processes of the properties online. Moreover, an alliance was set up for the system to automatically send reminder notifications 30 days prior to the expiry date to ensure the certificates are renewed. GTL provided a VPN server, allowing access only through these VPN networks, to substantiate that no one from outside the company access the system. One of the significant issues faced by the hospitality industry is to create accountability for missing products. Accordingly, GTL integrated a stock management system to keep track and generate monthly statistics on the quantity and cost of the products in every unit. Therefore, helping the company predict their future expenses. Moreover, GTL also incorporated a mobile application for the company to create convenience in updating the data.

During the implementation of strategies, GTL faced a few technical complexities, one of which was difficulty integrating the software solution as there was already an existence of legacy IT Infrastructure. Along with the automating process getting strenuous due to lack of policies and procedures, the company’s systems were also not compliant with the GDPR.

Following the strategies and conquering the challenges, GTL delivered effective work by completing various functionalities:

  • Developed and Implemented ICT Strategy
  • Created roles and responsibilities to all personnel, allowing them to manage financial and operational processes centrally
  • Automated the mundane tasks by making them operationally efficient

Overall, GTL’s approach was to develop a secure bespoke software solution with cutting edge technologies and ensure the tool was compliant with all regulations. GTL’s innovation led the company to use its RPA services, enabling the company to save time on manual processes. By delivering the project in an agile environment, GTL became a trusted and reliable partner for the company.

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